Treatment Options


Sclerotherapy is a very effective method of treating most (but not all) varicose veins. An irritating (sclerosing) solution is injected directly into the vein through a tiny micro needle. The vein closes, and then disappears with normal healing. Sclerotherapy has been a well accepted method of treating varicose veins for over 50 years.

Sclerotherapy is the most effective treatment for:

Transcatheter Sclerotherapy (TCT)

TCT is a method of treating small to medium sized varicose veins. While duplex ultrasound imaging demonstrates the abnormal veins, the Doctors close them with sclerotherapy.

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Endo Venous Laser Therapy (EVLT)

This revolutionary new therapy has virtually eliminated the need for vein stripping surgery. Through a single needle stick, a fine laser fiber is inserted into a varicose vein. Laser energy is used to generate heat which seals the vein closed. Performed under local anesthesia, patients quickly resume their normal activities. ELVT is the best treatment for large bulging varicose veins. The published success rate for EVLT at Elmore Medical Vein & Laser Treatment Center is the highest for any physician, anywhere in the world.

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(Ambulatory Phlebectomy & Ligation)
Vastly different from the traditional vein stripping surgical procedure, microsurgery is a technique which utilizes special instruments to remove veins through a very few, very tiny, "micro" incisions. The incisions are so small that with normal healing one can scarcely find them on the leg.

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Laser therapy

Laser Therapy of spider veins is not recommended and is less effective than sclerotherapy. However, some unsightly skin spots can be removed with laser energy applied directly to the skin. Usually only a treatment or two is necessary.

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