Treatment Costs

At Elmore Medical Vein & Laser Treatment Center you will receive an individualized treatment plan based on your particular problem. After Dr. Gonzalez has completed your medical evaluation, you will have a private financial consultation to discuss insurance coverage. You will receive a written estimate of the anticipated cost of your treatment.

We belong to many insurance plans, which often cover some or all of the cost of your initial evaluation and your non-cosmetic vein treatments. Insurance coverage can be a complex issue because of deductibles, co-pays, and lack of coverage for cosmetic problems. Every insurance policy is different. Our trained and experienced staff will help simplify this confusing process for you at the time of your financial consultation.

We invite you to consider scheduling a consultation with us at Elmore Medical Vein & Laser Treatment Center. Your specific treatment plan and an estimate of your costs will be explained to you. At that point, the decision to proceed with treatment is entirely up to you.