Our Services

You deserve the most advanced and most effective treatments currently available. Elmore Medical Vein & Laser Treatment Center is the only vein specialty medical practice in Central California that can offer you the complete spectrum of treatment options. Every patient is unique and should receive an individualized treatment plan based on their specific diagnosis. This is of critical importance if you are to receive the best health care for your particular problem.

Summary of available services:
  1. Diagnostic duplex ultrasound imaging
  2. Sclerotherapy of cosmetic leg veins
  3. Sclerotherapy of facial spider veins
  4. Sclerotherapy of bulging varicose veins (TCT)
  5. Laser therapy of bulging varicose veins (EVLT)
  6. Microsurgery of varicose veins (ligation and ambulatory phlebectomy)
  7. Laser therapy of cherry red spots (cherry angiomas)