Sclerotherapy of cosmetic leg veins

Cosmetic surface veins are the unsightly spider veins and blue reticular veins. These abnormal veins have no useful function and closing them improves your circulation. They can be permanently eliminated by the injection of a solution which causes them to close. You can expect to return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

NOTE: Laser treatment of leg spider veins is often promoted. Do not be misled. Sclerotherapy is the most effective and least costly treatment. The medical journal of the American College of Phlebology recently published this report:
"Despite recent advances in laser technology for treatment of leg spider veins, sclerotherapy continues to have superior clinical effect." Lupton, Alster, and Romero. Comparison of Sclerotherapy and Laser Treatment for Leg Spider Veins. Dermatologic Surgery 2002; 28:694-697